Ballas Application

An application to a guild is just as important as a resume for a job position. This is our first impression of you, so make it a great one. Please respond in complete and coherent sentences. Please avoid one or two word answers. Be very thorough in your application. If we're not worth enough time for you to write a good application, chances are you are not worth our time. Further instructions for each question appear to the right of each question.


  • Personal Information

  • Enter your first name.

  • Enter your age.

  • Enter where you live.

  • Please enter in an email in which we can contact you at.

  • Optional. Enter your MSN email you would like to be contacted via MSN with.

  • Optional. Enter your AIM screenname you would like to be contacted with.

  • Character Information

  • Inserting your armory link here will propagate the Realm, Character Name, Race, Class, Level and Profession fields. One day. Until then, keep filling out the remaining sections :]

  • Enter the realm your character is on.

  • Enter your characters current name.

  • Enter your profession(s) with and also add what level they are at. ex. "375 Mining, 365 Engineering"

  • Enter your characters primary tree and spec layout here. ex. Holy 41/20/0

  • Enter your characters race.

  • Enter your characters class.

  • Enter your current guilds website URL.

  • Optional. If you have a current WWS link, enter it here.

  • Questions

  • Ballas members raid 6:30est until sometimes as late as 1:00am , 4 days a week. What hours are you available on what days? Does your schedule change on a daily, weekly, monthly, semester, or never basis?

  • Please provide any resistances you have over 200 of unbuffed (shadow, nature, etc)

  • Briefly describe your raiding history, both in WoW (Naxx and beyond only) as well as any previous raiding in other MMORPGs. Describe the instances, experiences, boss encounters, events you have seen firsthand not something you watched on youtube or read on boss killers.

  • Drama whores, e-whores, loot whores and whores in general are not welcomed in the guild. Provide references that can vouch for your general mental well being and raiding habits. Also under what circumstances did you leave your last guild?

  • We use lots of consumables during a typical progression raid night. How will you generate your consumables? What means of farming gold, herbs, fishing, mining do you posses to get the mats that require you to drip good play style on the battle field?

  • In the ideal world we would recruit 25 players that could come together 4 nights a week, think as one and kill internet monsters for pretty pixels. Instead we live in a world that resembles this about 95% of the time. As such we have to over recruit to accommodate the guild and its needs, not your needs. Raid spots are competitive even if you do come prepared. Can you handle riding the bench, particularly during your app process? And let’s be clear. Bench means you are online in some fashion ready to go at a moment’s notice. Sit down and ask yourself, could I handle doing this 4 nights a week if I never got a raid spot. If the answer is no you need not apply.

  • Ballas members are not shy, and thick skin is a must have. If you fuck up, expect to get feedback most times positive, sometimes negative. Likewise if you see a ballas member fuck up its your job to let them know what they did wrong. This is a team effort and there are no “invisible ranks” that make you immune to criticism. Can you take and dish criticism accordingly?

  • Do you have any relationships in ballas, old ties etc?

  • What would you say is your primary weakness in a raid situation? No one is perfect, including myself. I want to know something flawed about you when you raid.

  • Describe any special skills you may have that will set you apart from the crowd, and tell us anything else you'd like to add. (This has nothing to do with your in game character but rather your personality.)

  • I expect a good relationship with all of my members. This is a game yes but we are a family and raiding is much more whole when you know something about the guy your stepping into the trench for 4 hours with. If we ask you to open up a bit in vent and tell us about your day, can you handle that?

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